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Whilst great care is taken during the removal of your goods, there are many risks of loss or damage, which are beyond the remover's control. The remover’s liability for loss or damage will be limited by their standard contract terms and conditions, which are normally incorporated into all removal, storage and shipping contracts. For these reasons, you are strongly advised to take out an All Risks insurance policy to protect your household goods and personal effects from the many risks to which your goods will be exposed during the course of your removal.

If you do not take out adequate insurance, your recourse against the remover and subsequent carriers or parties for any loss or damage, if they are liable, may be limited. Other parties involved may include, for example, the shipping company or airline, other transport operators, the Port Authority and so on. These parties operate under separate contract conditions, or under international law or Conventions whereby they may limit or exclude their liability.

Additionally, if a loss occurs at sea the shipping company may declare a General Average loss (which is the cost incurred by the carrier to preserve the vessel and it’s cargo). In this case, you, as the "shipper" of the goods may have to "contribute" to the General Average loss incurred by the shipping company. This principle of 'contribution' is an insurable risk and is covered by this Policy.

Certain countries are excluded as a result of different factors including international law. If the country you are moving to is not covered as a destination under our system please call us on 01372 385985 and we will see if we can accomodate your request or explain why cover is not available.


This insurance programme is underwritten by

Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc and administered by Basil E. Fry & Co Ltd.

The Policy Summary DOES NOT contain the full terms and conditions of the Insurance contract - see Terms and Conditions - but herewith a brief overview.

What does the Policy cover and what does it exclude?

This policy provides "All Risks" of physical loss or damage cover for Door-to-Door International transits of your goods arranged by the remover, including periods of storage whilst in professional warehousing by or arranged by the remover, subject to the terms and conditions of insurance detailed herein.

As with any insurance cover this policy incorporates certain exclusions, conditions and limits and these are summarised in the following 'Exclusions and Optional Coverage' section and further set out in the 'Terms and Conditions of Insurance'. Please ensure that you understand the terms and conditions prior to agreeing to take up coverage under this policy, to avoid unnecessary surprises later on, in the event you need to make a claim. Please note there is a policy deductible (sometimes referred to as an excess) of £ 150.00.

How do I arrange cover through this Policy?

Please complete the on-line application. The basis of valuation of your goods, for this policy, should be the new replacement cost at destination for Household Goods and Personal Effects, and market value at destination for Antiques, Fine Arts and Motor Vehicles. You may need to make some enquiries to establish the comparable cost of living between your present location and the country you will be moving to. If you 'undervalue' your goods (i.e., insure them for less than their full value) your claim, should you need to make one, would be reduced accordingly. Should you feel the Proposal Form is too restrictive, you may compile and attach your own valued list and forward this to us under cover of a separate email. Please note however, that you should still complete the information as requested and declare a grand-total Insured Value.


Whether you choose to complete the pre-printed form or compile your own valued list, it is important to note that any item that is not declared and valued is NOT INSURED.

What happens if my insured goods are lost or damaged in transit?

In the event of loss or damage which might give rise to a claim under the insurance, notice must be given in writing by you to the Insurers representative, being the Removal Claims Service (contact details below). The policy allows you 30 days from the date of delivery (or scheduled date if claim is for non-delivery) to provide full details of the items being claimed. You then have a further 60 days to provide the documentation to substantiate your claim. You will receive a claim form and detailed instructions on how to proceed.

In certain circumstances the insurers may appoint a Loss Adjuster. The Adjusters' role is to examine the scenes of the losses and investigate circumstances giving rise to the claim. The Adjuster will report to the insurers. The insurers will pay Adjuster's fees. A Loss Adjuster will not assist in the preparation of a claim, but will advise you of what Insurers will require to consider the claim. You will be asked to substantiate your claim for damaged items by obtaining local repair or replacement estimates, and it is helpful if you are able to provide photographs of the damaged items.


If you fail to notify details of loss or damage within the time limits set out above, insurers may decline your claim, or you may prejudice your claim. For example, if the currency of the amount claimed differs from the currency in which you insured your goods, the exchange rate used by insurers to calculate settlement would be that prevalent at the time the Certificate of Insurance was issued.

Insurers, at their discretion, may agree to extend the time limits set out above to receive details of a claim, provided that such request for extension is made in writing within those time limits. 

Claims Notification:

Please contact:-

In writing: Removal Claims Services, Swan House, Swan Centre, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 8AH

By E Mail:

By phone: 01372 385970

Duration of Insurance

The insurance cover commences at the time your goods are professionally packed at and /or collected from your origin residence or business location and continues during the ordinary course of transit, including customary transhipment, until the goods are professionally delivered to the final destination. For goods in transit to an international and/or overseas destination, which are placed into professional storage by or arranged by the remover prior to delivery to final destination, coverage includes any interim storage for up to 30 days at origin and / or destination warehouse. Insurers will agree to extend coverage on a monthly basis in consideration of an additional premium. This is not renewal of insurance, and it is important that requests for further storage extensions, beyond the initially included cover period of 30 days, are made to Basil E. Fry & Co Ltd. in writing prior to the expiry of the 30 day period.

Data Protection Act

In administering your insurance, insurers and their agents will follow the rules of the Data Protection Act when dealing with your personal information. Your details will be protected against unauthorised access. You have the right to see personal information insurers and their agents may hold about you. We recommend that you keep copies of the information you give to us. Your personal information may be shared with others, but only for the purposes of effecting insurance cover on your behalf and dealing with the claim, and for fraud purposes. This includes, but is not limited to passing information to insurance companies, loss adjusters, repairers and recovery agents.


Royal & Sun Alliance and Basil E. Fry & Co. Ltd are members of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. This provides compensation in case a member, in specified circumstances, is unable to meet valid claims under its policies. Further information about compensation scheme arrangements is available from the FSCS on 020 7892 7300 or

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