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We can arrange cover for your goods when you use a removal company to move and /or store your goods and cover incepts from the time your removal company commences packing until such time they are delivered to your new residence.

Significant benefits of Cover under the ‘Portcullis’ scheme
Protection for your household goods and personal effects which are professionally packed on a 'New for Old' basis as well as cover for owner packed goods providing you have adequately stated the replacement value of all your goods at destination.
Cover incepts from the time your goods are professionally packed and collected by the removal company until such time they are delivered to your new residence as stated in the schedule including any interim storage for up to 30 days. Cover includes unpacking if undertaken by the removal company.

Significant exclusions under the ‘Portcullis’ scheme
Insurers are not responsible for the first £ 150 of any loss or damage.
Cover excludes losses arising from mould or mildew and electrical or mechanical derangement.

Cover is available for removals within the United Kingdom and overseas. For a free quick premium quote please select from the section on the right the country you are moving from and to and the estimated replacement value of the household goods that are being moved.

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