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If you are being posted abroad and all or some of your goods are being placed into permanent long terms storage within the UK, then please adhere to the following procedure.

1.    Purchase a Policy (go to the orange 'Buy Online' tab as above) showing the destination as being UK. This will then cover the following:-
I)    Transit insurance into storage and the transit insurance out of storage
    ii)    First 30 days of storage insurance

2.    Email us at  with the following information 
    I)    Your Policy number
    ii)    Period of storage insurance required beyond the first 30 days
    iii)    Storage location

3.    We will then email you with details of the additional storage insurance premium due along with premium payment details.  Payment can be made by debit or credit card subject to a small fee or by cheque drawn on a UK bank.

4.    Please note the storage insurance rate is 0.10% per month plus IPT or part thereof and is applied to the declared sum insured.

5.    Upon receipt of your premium, we will then issue you with your Policy Endorsement .

NB:  We are only authorised by Insurers to extend cover for periods of up to 12 months therefore if your goods are being placed into storage for a longer period then it will be necessary for  you to contact us at the end of the initial 12 month period to arrange a  further extension.